How to change United Airlines flight tickets

United Airlines is the largest airline in the world. They have their own official website where you can change your flights. So, if you have been trying to figure out how to change your United Airlines flight tickets lately on the web, going through the blog will help you out. For changing tickets, you need to follow these simple steps -

Log in to United Airlines' official website.

  • * Log in to United Airlines' official website. To login, visit and enter your username and password or mobile number as per your preference.

  • * The second option is to use an e-mail address that you have registered with United Airlines to get access to your account.

  • * Once you are logged in, the next step will be choosing 'Manage Flights' from the drop-down menu listed at the top right corner of the page.

Click on Manage Booking and enter your reservation number.

Once you have landed on the Manage Booking page, enter your reservation number.
Once you have entered the required information, click on Continue and confirm that you are changing your flight tickets due to "a personal matter."
Once you are done with this step, enter an email address or mobile phone number where they can reach you in case of any queries regarding changes to your flight tickets. You will also be asked for additional details such as your name and address so that they can process your request swiftly without any hassle.

Then click on the continue button.

You will then be taken to the next page where you can change your flight. You will see that there are two columns of information on this page: the first column displays your current flight details, and the second column displays your new flight details. This is where you have to make sure that all the required fields are filled in with the correct information before moving on to the next step.
If at any point during this process, you decide that changing your UA flights is not what you want after all, simply click on "Cancel." Otherwise, click "Continue" to continue changing United Airlines flight tickets

Now click on the flight change option.

  • * You can change your flight ticket by two options:
  • * 1) Change Flight Only or 2) Change Flight & Checked Baggage.
  • * Choose the one that you want to change and proceed further. Then select a new flight ticket that you want to book

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